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Recycling responsibly

Prior to demolition and recycling, a close inspection of a ship is always made, paying close attention to raw and other materials and equipment on board with value. Also necessary is to check for dangerous materials. When this process is completed, the initial value of the vessel is to be determined. The materials that get salvaged are processed into workable raw materials. Profits made selling these raw materials are deducted from demolition costs and any profits left are offered to the owner of the ship.

The actual demolition of a ship takes place in ‘s-Gravendeel. All salvaged raw- and other materials are treated, removed and processed, if possible reduced to a smaller size and stored on the recycling yard. The processed materials are sold to costumers. Unusable and dangerous materials are removed and offered to specialised recycling companies. Workable processed materials are sold to traders.



Impermeable slope

Impermeable storagefloor

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