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Hitachi-Sumitomo SCX 5000

Spotlights on: The Hitachi-Sumitomo SCX5000

The Hitachi-Sumitomo SCX5000 (hereinafter: SCX5000) is a crawler crane which was originally build in Japan. Although this crane was built in large numbers it remains a rather unique piece of machinery in the European maritime world. Hapo imported this then five year old crane from South Korea back in 2008 and put it to work in various project in its homeland as well as abroad. A perfect example of this is that Hapo deployed the SCX5000 in the salvage of the sunken container ship MSC Napoli. The SCX5000 started its heavy lifting duty on the wharf at Ringdijk 485 in Ridderkerk in 2016.

What makes the SCX5000 so special is its main boom length which can be build up to a 100 meters in height and a ‘fly-jib’ reaching up to 67 meters in total. And with its capacity of 500 tons at 6 meters it is a strength unlike any other equipment.