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Submerged directional drilling system

Spotlights on: Submerged directional drilling system

On the 29th of July in 2011 the great tragedy of B.Oceania and the MV Xin Tai Hai collision occured with catastrophic consquences for both ships, but B.Oceania in particular. After only 40 minutes the crew of B.Oceania was forced to abandon ship which plotted its last trip to the bottom of the ocean. To salvage the wreck Mammoet Salvage was contracted. Mammoet designed the directional drilling system specially for this job, so that they could drill underneath the wreck to place gliders for chains to be able to pull the wreck to the surface again.

In the year 2016 Mammoet decided that they needed to focus on their core business, which is engineering, heavy lifting and transport. After careful planning they managed to sell their salvage equipment and employees to Koole Contractors. Through Koole Contractors the drilling system eventually found its way to Hapo International Barges.

This piece of equipment is unique because it can drill underneath submerged wrecks with high precision using its frame which can be lowered into the water guiding the drilling system. No additional machinery or crew is needed, thus saving both time and costs with greater efficiency.