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Contact us for availability of heavy lifting cranes, crane vessels, transport barges, winches and other maritime equipment to be deployed anywhere in the world.

Sluisjesdijk 145, 3087 AG Rotterdam, The Netherlands +31 10 7600 111

For Rent: Sluisjesdijk 143/145

In addition to Sluisjesdijk 131, 143 and 145 have also become available. This well maintained and modern building is well suited for office space. In combination with the construction hall at Sluisjesdijk 143 it amounts to a total floorspace of 14675 m². It is also located next to a 300 meter long quay which is connected to the Nieuwe Maas via Kortenoordsekade.

The construction hall located on Sluisjesdijk 143 is equipped with 2 top cranes which have a 10 ton and 20 ton hoisting capacity. It is also equipped with a mechanical ventilation system, high voltage power, a concrete floor and rooflights. The available space is roughly 1315 m² with a maximum height of 9,10 meters. More space is available. In addition there is a crane outdoors which can be rented per shift.

With its ideal location next to a waterway and close to highways it is easily reachable. This combined with plenty of parking spaces this hall is perfect for construction or harbor related activities.