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standard 400 feet class



Our pontoon H-401 is build conform the “standard 400 feet class”. This means that it measures 122 meters in length, 36,6 meters in width and 7,6 meters in depth. Like our 330 feet class barges (H-331 and H-332) the mainframe spacing is 2,500 mm. The longitudal bulkhead distance differs from the 330 feet class, ea 9,000mm instead of 8,250mm.

The H-401 is reinforced in ballast tank no 7 centre. In this tank, two extra bulkheads are placed to withstand the giant forces of our crane PLM15000E. This crane can therefore be easily placed on deck. The reinforcements correspond with the bulkhead spacing of the H-331 and H-332 and therefore can be more easily replaced by each other. Uniform deckload of the barge is 15 ton/m2.

The H-401 is fitted out with an engine room which can be operated from the control room. From the control room you can also operate the ballast system. There is read out panel of tank levels as well as the vessels draught.

Unmanned steel deck barge

BV Rules for the Classification of Ships

Class notation: ✠ 1A1 Ballastable Barge

Registration Authority: the Netherlands

International Load line Convention, 1966

Life saving-, Fire fighting and Navigation equipment

Conditions associated with the load-out and transport of an 8,000 metric tons topside with centre of gravity 27.5 m above barge keel

International Convention on Tonnage Measurement of Ships, 1969

Suez Canal Tonnage certification