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1200t Crane (Ex-Wind Orca)

1200t Crane (Ex-Wind Orca)

Hapo purchased the 1200 ton Ex-Wind Orca crane and is available for re-sale, whilst the plans for retrofitting the crane to a barge are being shaped.

Capacity Main: 1200 t @ 14-31 m, 600t @ 50 m, 250 t @ 70 m

Capacity Aux: 500 t @ 20.3-60 m, 120 t @ 100 m

Capacity Whip: 50 t @ 22.9-113.4 m

Boom Length to main fall upper block sheaves: 85.5 m

Boom Length to auxiliary fall upper block sheaves: 102.0 m

Boom Length to whip fall jib tip sheaves: 108.0 m

Operating Radius Main fall: 18.0–91.0 m

Operating Radius Auxiliary fall: 20.0–105.0 m

Operating Radius Whip fall: 22.55–113.41 m