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6615-1 + SCX-5000

6615-1 & SCX-5000 lift lock gates @ Volkerak Sluizen

Last year HAPO was contracted by VES (a Volker Wessels company) for lifting lock gates during an extended repair and maintenance program on the “Volkerak sluizen”. The most challenging part of this project was lifting the so called Yachtlock gates. This had to be done floating. However, the maximum size vessel to enter these locks is 16 meters wide where the crane should also have a capacity of 100 tonnes @ 22 meters.

We solved this issue by joining forces with Muller who delivered their 6615 pontoon on which we drove our SCX5000 crawler crane. We had the shipboard lifting chart calculated by and the combination approved for inland works by BSC. With this combination we still had enough deckspace left to accommodate 2 doors simultaneously which were transported and offloaded to a specialist painting contractor.

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